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James Oliver is a self-taught maker, musician and artist who arrived at designing and building bookbinding presses and equipment via joinery and furniture making. In 2007, he set up Olive and Oak with the aim of creating top quality equipment – every example being itself a functioning piece of art.

Using various sustainable hardwoods and lathe-turned steel elements, each press is lovingly hand-crafted, bringing together the two disciplines of joinery and engineering.
Special attention is applied to not only the finishing, but the balance, calibration and functionality of each piece, ensuring that the bookbinder, book artist or conservator receives a product that both does everything that is expected of it and is a pleasure to use.

Originally London-based, James and his workshop relocated to the North of Portugal where the natural surroundings of mountains, rivers and forests continually provide ample inspiration. Like in nature, a design is never completely finished; new challenges, new ideas or even a change of perspective can offer an improvement, an evolution.



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