The Brunel nipping Press

The Brunel nipping press (named after the renowned British engineer of the Victorian era and whose ingenuity and fondness for over-engineering things I aspire to) is a mid-sized press with a pressing area 40cm wide and 35cm deep. It has approximately 35cm of daylight when fully open. The press is 70cm tall and weighs in at 60kg.

The base and platen are made from opposing grain laminations of oak and sapele mahogany, which are themselves made in a large antique percussion press so that they remain flat and strong. Fixed to the top of the laminated wooden base is a 12mm thick steel plate, machined perfectly flat, to which the 4cm diameter upright bars are attached.

The shoulder bar is also an oak and sapele mahogany lamination, approximately 55cm in length, 14cm tall at the centre and 11cm deep at the centre. Above that the T-bar is oak and sapele mahogany, laminated then turned, 60cm in length with 10cm diameter ball ends. All of the wooden elements are finished with a hard-wearing professionally sprayed two component satin varnish. The metal elements are either stainless steel or polished with machine wax to prevent rust.

Like what you see?

The Brunel nipping press is a solid functioning piece of equipment built to last a few lifetimes. Absolutely everything is made from scratch by my own two hands here in my workshop and I ship worldwide.

The Brunel press is priced at 2000€ + shipping.

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