Piccadilly Press by Olive&Oak

Piccadilly Press

The Piccadilly is a full-size laying press in the French style, having one central screw thread turned by a single handwheel; moving the middle cheek along two stainless steel bars. It is set on a sturdy stand with lockable casters.

The press itself is made from laminated hardwoods for strength – usually oak and mahogany – while the stand is from oak, made using high quality joinery and hand-cut dowels. It is also available with mahogany or American cherry as the predominant wood.

The Piccadilly has four locking casters so that it can be easily moved around the workshop/studio and locked into place to make for a solid workstation. The benchtop is clamped securely by the press itself to provide another bench space when the press is not in use.

The press is calibrated so that the steel-edged backing boards meet together perfectly each time and are located into the cheeks by stainless steel pegs; so that you can have one hand on the handwheel and the other on your text block or book as you prepare for rounding and backing, etc.

The plough is a delight to use, with a hardened carbon steel blade that has a rounded 15° bevel that is razor sharp and holds an edge well. The standard blade will trim a text block up to 100mm thick.

Piccadilly Accessories

• Carbon steel-edged backing boards
• Sanding/gilding/finishing boards
• Plough
• Benchtop

Piccadilly Dimensions

• Width: 60cm
• Depth: 60cm
• Height: 90cm (standard
dimension, can be altered to suit
your preferred working height)
• Between the bars: 42cm
• Backing/sanding boards: 40cm wide.

Plough Dimensions

• 21.5cm long, 11cm high
• Eye Nut: 5cm diameter
• Cheeks: 4 cm thick

Like what you see?

The Piccadilly press is a solid functioning piece of equipment built to last a few lifetimes. Absolutely everything is made from scratch by my own two hands here in my workshop and I ship worldwide.

The Piccadilly press with accessories is priced at 2200€ + shipping.

Prices are exclusive of IVA (VAT, sales tax) All sales within the EU will be subject to the Portuguese rate of 23% and outside the EU a tax may be applied depending on the destination country and is payable by the receiver.